Singing Saw Woodworks Services


Lumber and Sawmill

Custom resawing of your beams, planks or logs, even stumps or short logs into disks for table tops or table pedestals.


Drying at our site for the best results for Colorado’s high altitude and extra dry climate. Barnwood, once properly stacked and loaded in our 3000 board foot kiln, spends about 10 days in an increasing temperature environment, topping out at 140-150 degrees, to insure stability and minimal future movement. This is especially important for wide plank paneling and flooring or large, thick bars and table tops.


Singing Saw has become a popular destination for contractors, woodworkers and hobbyists in need of large capacity machinery for planning, ripping, contour cutting and sanding. Please call for our machinery capacities and shop time rates.

Wood Fabrication

We can simplify wood fabrication for you. Since we have the experience, facilities and clamps and tools, you can also have us prep, glue up and sand larger items like table tops for you to finish.

Metal Fabrication

If your project requires welding, forging, straight or curved cutting, sandblasting or patina finishing, send or bring in your designs and specifications. We can meet your Metal Fabrication requirements. Custom Metal fabrication including structural and decorative brackets and architectural and design elements.


Using reclaimed wood, and especially timbers, has become increasingly popular, and so has the need for assistance in the possible and correct use of these materials. Jon has developed a level of experience in real world applications that have customers benefiting from a collaboration to determine not only the required structural specifications, but as important, the final visual and aesthetic appeal that satisfies your vision.


Sand and Finish options including hand-rubbed beeswax.

Artistic detail work including pegged joints, hand planing, sand-blasting and carving.

Planing (to 8”x26”), Jointing to 16”W and straight line ripping.


Your Source for Reclaimed Custom Antique Timber, Colorado Barnwood and Millwork

Colorado Barn Wood and Beams, Slabs, Mantles, Furniture, Milling & Metalwork

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